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Why You Should Use Cunningham Home Inspection


Hi - My name is Jake Cunningham.  I was born and raised in Boise.  My folks ran C&C Salvage and Demolition for over 30 years.   I got my interest in building (and demolition) from working with them from an age that probably wouldn't be acceptable anymore.  Anyway,  I owned and operated Cunningham Construction where I developed my skills and knowledge as a builder until I started Cunningham Home Inspection. I worked with my Dad to build and expand my folks' homes in Boise and Pearl . I also built and designed my own "tiny" home  so I am familiar with local building ordinances.  Probably even more importantly,  I have worked on dozens if not hundreds of demolitions where I have seen both how it was done right and how it was done wrong and the subsequent results.   If you give us the chance to inspect your home I will inspect your home like I was the one who was going to buy it.